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I'm not good or real... I'm evil... and imaginary.

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As of 9/30/06 I did a huge flist cut. If you were formerly on my flist and want to be added back on, e-mail me. If not, thanks for the memories.

It's about time I updated this thing.

My journal is friendslocked from now on. If you want to be on my flist, you will e-mail me. However if I don't know you, forget it. I like to know the people on my flist from LJ communities, message boards, IM, stuff like that. I want to know the people on my flist before I add them because that cuts down on a lot of guess work for me.

I collect My Little Ponies and used to have a website dedicated to them but recently switched over to deviantart, as most of my MLP stuff is just fan-art and stories. My DA page is located at: raikougal.deviantart.com

I also love the game Pony Island.

There's a lot of stuff you can learn about me, but only if you're on my flist... my profile is no longer public.

Mood theme from Misty Mountain Nursery and Baby Ice Crystal, many thanks to her and her wonderful artwork. Mood theme made and edited by _kyri. It is for my own personal use only!

Thank you.