Teh Sex!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^__________^

...well, Merry Christmas Eve at least. ;D

I've always liked the fact that this holiday had two days. I mean, no one makes a big deal about the day before Thanksgiving, or the day before Halloween. But this holiday has two days. Which is ultra cool. ;D

I'm in a good mood. ^__^

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I'm in a good mood... yaaaay! :D

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Teh Sex!

Attention all that have requested cards...

...they may not be there by christmas. ;_;

If I get my ass on the ball, they may come by Friday, though... *sigh* >______<


I like these quizzes that have you fill in information, I thought I'd put another one up. heh... :/ (BTW, this was blatantly stolen from
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...they may not be there by christmas. ;_;

If I get my ass on the ball, they <em>may</em> come by Friday, though... *<i>sigh</i>* >______<


I like these quizzes that have you fill in information, I thought I'd put another one up. heh... :/ (BTW, this was blatantly stolen from <lj-user="katie_ball">)

<b><u>Series one</u></b>
<b>-- Birthplace:</b> Birmingham, Al.
<b>-- Current Location:</b> Sumiton, Al.
<b>-- Eye Color:</b> Blue
<b>-- Hair Color:</b> Reddish-brown. :D I like my hair color. ^_^
<b>-- Righty or Lefty:</b> Righty... ^_~
<b>-- Zodiac Sign:</b> Scorpio... bwahaha! ;)
<b>-- Innie or Outtie:</b> Innie, but when I was little (say, <em>six</em>) I thought I could get it changed when I got older. o_O;;

<b><u>Series two - describe</u></b>
<b>-- Your heritage:</b> Well let's see... DAMN if I could fit all of it in! I'm one mixed-up pup! LOL! ;) On my Dad's side, mostly german and a hint of french. ;) On my <em>Mom's</em> side... German, Spanish, a <em>bit</em> of mediterrenean(sp?!) and a LOT of other stuff that we aren't quite sure of yet... it's quite an interesting story, that side is. I'll have to relate it sometime. ^_~
<b>-- The shoes you wore today:</b> White easy spirit's. ^_^
<b>-- Your eyes:</b> They're a weird shade of blue. As in it has green, grey, and <em>some</em> brown flecked through it, but at first glance, it looks blue. yeah. >_O
<b>-- Your hair:</b> ...is pulled up in a ponytail where it can't get in my face, thankyouverymuch. Also, my bangs need trimming. *<i>squints</i>* >_O
<b>-- Your weakness?</b> Probably my anger. I lose it a <em>lot</em>... heh heh. ^_^;;
<b>-- Your fears:</b> Heights, and flying insects. @_@
<b>-- Your perfect pizza:</b> Deep-dish cheese. Mm... ^_~

<b><u>Series three - what is</u></b>
<b>-- Your most overused phrase on AIM:</b> It varies!!! ;) Right now it's "DUDE!!!" ;)
<b>-- Your thoughts first waking up:</b> A groggy, "...where am I...?"
<b>-- The first feature you notice in the same or opposite sex:</b> I'm odd. I'm not visual in this aspect, I'm <em>aural</em>. The first thing I notice about them is their VOICE. Just their speaking voice. If I don't like it, then, kiss yer ass goodbye, purdy-boy. ;p~
<b>-- Your bedtime:</b> This varies too... @_@; As of late, it's around 4AM. ;�~
<b>-- Your greatest accomplishment:</b> Um, this year? Or ever? Um, I'm gonna <em>save</em> the "ever" one because as I see it, I haven't done it yet. ;) But my greatest accomplishment this year was finally becoming a sophmore in college. ;D

<b><u>Series four - you prefer</b></u>
<b>-- Pepsi or coke:</b> Neither really. Bottled, <em>flavored</em> water. ;D But when I can't get anything else, I drink pepsi. ^_~
<b>-- McDonald's or Burger King:</b> McD's simply because I've never HAD Burger King before. ;)
<b>-- Single or group dates:</b> I think if I wanted anything to <em>happen</em> it'd have to be a <em>single</em> date. ^_~
<b>-- Adidas or Nike:</b> Uhh... Nike. Not that <em>I've</em> ever had a pair, but my Mom did, and they lasted for about 9 years. ^_^
<b>-- Chocolate or vanilla:</b> Chocolate. ;)
<b>-- Cappuccino or coffee:</b> I've never had cappuccino. Coffee can be <em>good</em> though. ^_^ Especially when it has marshmallows in it. Num. XD
<b>-- boxers or briefs:</b> On a <em>guy</em>?! LOL! ;) I'd have to say boxers, because briefs... are just that. Too brief. >_O

<b><u>Series five - do you</b></u>
<b>-- Smoke:</b> Nope, couldn't even if I wanted. I got asthma. ;p~
<b>-- Cuss:</b> Like a sailor! ;)
<b>-- Take a shower everyday:</b> Yeah. >_O
<b>-- Have a crush(es):</b> I don't <em>DO</em> crushes. Never have. I just can't take one look at a guy and go crazy imagining a relationship with him. So no... I can safely say I don't have crushes. ;)
<b>-- Do you think you've been in love:</b> Dunno. *<i>shrug</i>*
<b>-- Want to go to college:</b> HAHA! I'm <em>in</em> college, dummy! Ya mean, do I wanna go <em>back</em> Jan. 6th? Not really. But I have to. ;p~
<b>-- Want to get married:</b> Nope! One day I'd like to have a "friend with benefits" type thing going with someone. But other than that, <em>nope</em>!
<b>-- Type w/ your fingers on the right keys:</b> Uh, I taught myself to type. That's a stupid question. <em>No</em>. ;p~
<b>-- Believe in yourself:</b> When it's something I'm good at? <em>Yes</em>.
<b>-- Think you're attractive:</b> HAHAHAHAHAHA! Next question, please.
<b>-- Get along with your parents:</b> Mom? Yeah.
<b>-- Like thunderstorms:</b> *<i>GROWL</i>* Hell NO I do NOT like rain. >.<
<b>-- Play an instrument:</b> Never. But I used to pick out tunes to stuff on the organ. ^_^;;

<b><u>Series six - in the past month, did/have you</b></u>
<b>-- Drank alcohol:</b> Nope, I'm a tee-totaler. Heh. ;)
<b>-- Smoke(d):</b> Hello, <em>Asthma</em>?
<b>-- Done a drug:</b> Does caffeine count? ;)
<b>-- Have Sex:</b> Nope. ;p~
<b>-- Made Out:</b> I WISH! Gah, no. ;p~
<b>-- Go on a date:</b> Nope. ;)
<b>-- Been in love:</b> Nope.
<b>-- Gone skinny dipping:</b> <em>Never</em>, and don't plan to. I mean, <em>yuck</em>. >_O

<b><u>Series seven - have you ever</u></b>
<b>-- Played a game that required removal of clothing?</b> No. ;p~
<b>-- Been caught "doing something":</b> What's <em>that</em> supposed to mean? O_o;; If it means have I ever been caught making out, <em>no</em>. Thank God. ;)
<b>-- Been called a tease:</b> Yes. ;p~

<b><u>Series eight - the future</u></b>
<b>-- Age you hope to be married:</b> Hopefully, by the third anniversary of my frontal lobotomy, which I plan to have on the 12th of <em>NEVER</em>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;p~~~~~~~~
<b>-- Numbers and Names of Children:</b> Even if I were to get married, no kidlets. I'm too much of a brat to ever have any of my own. ;p~
<b>-- Describe your Dream Wedding:</b> Someone else's. That way, I get to sit in the aisle and make snarky comments under my breath about stuff. XD
<b>-- How do you want to die:</b> In a way that isn't painful. o_O;;
<b>-- What do you want to be when you grow up:</b> Best-selling novelist. ;)
<b>-- What country would you most like to visit:</b> England. :D

<b><u>Series nine - opposite sex (or in some cases same sex)</b></u>
<b>-- Best eye color?</b> Depends...
<b>-- Best hair color?</b> Brown or red. :)
<b>-- Short or long hair?:</b> I prefer it on the shortish side, on guys.
<b>-- Best weight:</b> *<i>shrug</i>* o_O I dunno.
<b>-- Best first kiss location:</b> I guess wherever the mood strikes! LOL!! ;)

I have a big day tommorrow... shit. >.<

Yeah I'm outta here. Xp~~~~~~

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Teh Sex!

Okay, so I didn't go to bed. ;p~

You are 19% geek
OK, so maybe you ain't a geek. You do, at least, show a bit of interest in the world around you. Either that, or you have enough of a sense of humor to pick some of the sillier answers on the test. Regardless, you're probably a pretty nifty, well-rounded person who gets along fine with people and can chat with just about anyone without fear of looking stupid or foolish or overly concerned with minutiae. God, I hate you.

Take the Polygeek Quiz at Thudfactor.com

19%?! Hell yeah I'm not a geek. ;D

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Yes, this is going to be the annoying entry with all the quiz results... muahaha!

Psshht! Annoying is right, I needed to do that lj-cut thingy sooner. X_x Sorry dudes.

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