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Marriage Proposal from a spammer?! O_O;

I got a spam mail from "Helga" that says, "Will You Marry Me?"

*shudder* O_O;

I'm scared now. ;_;

Today I did a little bit of getting ready for school. I wrote down the room numbers for my schedule and stuff I HOPE I can find my first two rooms, cuz I haven't been in that building a lot. I've taken two courses in the education building, and it's massive and sprawling and has many many corridors. x_x;;

Oh well, at least it's at 10AM in the morning when I'm awake and not at 8AM like the last course I took in that building was.

Wish me luck guys, I'm really nervous about this. :(


I'ma take the 1. What is your favorite Disney movie? Bambi!!!!! ;D ...And The Fox and the Hound, and Lady and the Tramp, and... ^_^;;;;;
2. What is your favorite moment or scene in your favorite Disney movie? Oooh... The whole "snow" scene in Bambi. Also, the meadow scene! :D The dogfight in Lady & the Tramp, The scene with all the clocks in Pinnochio, The snow scene in Beauty & The Beast (I like snow scenes. ;D), the opening scene in Robin Hood! OMG! That was so cool! ;D The scene in Aladdin where he's running from the guards (uh, the one RIIGHT after the opening scene) cuz it's so funny... ah damn, too many to choose from. ;)
3. What is your least favorite Disney movie? The Hunchback of Notre Dame... it's pretty bad when I can't stand to look at the lead character. >.< And... erm... *hackcoughHerculescoughHACK*
4. What is your favorite Disney sequel? Ummmmm... I don't THINK I've ever seen one. At least not one of the animated ones. ^_^; I wouldn't mind seeing TLK II or Lady & the Tramp II. Also... I WANT THE B&B CHRISTMAS ONE! DAMMIT! More Beast! ;)
5. What is your least favorite Disney sequel? Iiiiiiii can't really say.
6. What was the first Disney movie you ever saw? Ohhhh DAMN I know this one... I think it MAY have been Robin Hood. Or maybe the Sword and the Stone.
7. What was the last Disney movie you saw? Aristocats, the other night when I put it in. ;D
8. What was the last Disney movie you saw in a theater? Aladdin. First and last disney movie I've seen in a theatre. ^_^;
9. What is your favorite Disney song? *shouts* PRINCE JOHN THE PHONEY KING OF EEEEEEENGLAND YEAH! ;)
10. Who is your favorite Disney character? It changes periodically, dun ask me that. ;)
11. Who is your least favorite Disney character? Quasimodo... dear God. >.< Also, Phoebus. And Hercules, cuz I do NOT like the animation!!! And Stitch... that was just wrong and scary.
12. Who is your favorite Disney Princess? Jasmine. ;D I like her outfit. ;) (Okay, so I'm shallow. ;)
13. Who is your least favorite Disney Princess? Ariel. What, she took ONE look at Eric and was willing to give up all that for him? I don't think so. ;p~
14. Who is your favorite Disney Prince? Prince Phillip, from Sleeping Beauty! (I almost spelled that Schlepping Beauty... dear GOD. ;)
15. Who is your least favorite Disney Prince? Sorry, but "The Beast". BTW, did he even HAVE a name? O_o;
16. Who is your favorite Disney villian? Madame Mim! In the Sword and the Stone! (She was the Villain, right? ;)
17. Who is the most frightening Disney villian? Ursula... O_O;
18. Who is your favorite Disney sidekick? The Genie! ;)
19. Who is your favorite Disney heroine? Belle, the only one that I've seen that actually did something. >_O (No, I haven't seen Mulan, but I'd like to... if I can just get past the song "I'll make a man out of you", that SCARED me... O_O;;;)
20. Who is your least favorite Disney heroine? Ehhhhh.. not sure on that one. o_O
21. Who is your favorite Disney hero? Robin Hood. :D
22. Who is your least favorite Disney hero? Jerkules. ;�~ I know I already said him, but he seems to be so full of himself. ;p~
23. Who makes up your favorite Disney romantic couple? Aladdin and Jasmine. :D
24. Who is your favorite non-human Disney character? Tramp. ^_~
25. Who's your favorite of the "fab five?" (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, or Goofy?) PLUTO! ;)
26. Who's cooler? Minnie or Daisy? I'll be different, and say Daisy. She's got a temper. ^_~

Oh BTW, remember that pony I was gonna customize and I was asking about repainting her eyes? I did it! I did it with gel pen however... where she once had piink eyes, she now has liiiiight blue. ;) It's purdy.

I haven't gotten her hair donor yet... but that's alright. :D I hope to get her by Monday tho. And watch me not have enough time to rehair her until spring break. >;p~~~~~~

Oh and guys?



Sparky the lil' blue Unicorn
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