May 26th, 2006


So long, fare well...

I’ve always loved the idea of a public LJ. Where I could go and tell people about my life and what I do, and how I feel, and have people respond in-kind or point out a difference in opinion that I may not have seen before. I love that, whenever I write, I write for an audience, I genuinely love telling you guys about my life, even though it may be boring, or stupid, or miserable, I like being able to talk to people, and knowing that many people are there for me, whatever my life is like.

But lately, it’s lost all its luster for me.

I’m closing my LJ for good. By closing, I don’t mean that I will be leaving, however I will be friends-locking this journal. If you want to be on my flist, you will have to e-mail me and ask. I don’t add people I don’t know. (My e-mail is on the user-info page.) All of my entries will eventually be made private. Three and a half years is a very long time, but it can be done, and it will be.

I’m also closing off all comments to this entry. I don’t want anyone trying to persuade me to keep it public, because my mind is made up. I’ve actually been contemplating this for awhile now, I just haven’t said anything to anyone. I wish I could keep it public, but I genuinely feel that if I do, it will just be more trouble than its worth.

And you know, I’m tired of trouble. I’m tired of it. I’ve had more trouble this year alone than I’ve probably had in my entire life. Ya’ll only knew about ¼ of it because what I don’t want known, I don’t put down. I’m not about to put up with anymore trouble simply because of an online journal, because I don’t have to.

That’s right, I don’t have to. My Grandad was right: “The only thing you have to do in life is die, the rest is choices.” (Direct quote.)

So this is my choice.

If you want to be on the subsequent filters I have set-up, you will e-mail me. (Like I said, my address is in the user-info.) If not, then I’ve had a good three years. Hope you have too.

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