February 3rd, 2003

Teh Sex!

Unneeded Windows Reinstallation-fest '03!!!!!!!!

That's right, tonight at 10PM I will be reinstalling Windows.

I will also be studying while I do so so I actually have something to DO whilst my files go "flipflipflip!" across the screen. u_u

Keep in mind, this will be a non-destructive reinstallation so any files I might have will not be lost.

But since I DO have a story that I planned to get published on my HD, I will be backing that up along with a few other stories that I've worked exceedingly hard on over the past year.

*glares at the TV* I abso-fucking-lutely HATE Chris Elliot!!!!!!! He is not entertaining, he's goofy and stupid and I don't see how he EVER got into showbusiness.

Yeah, I'm mean.

Anyway, just a public service announcement to let ya'll know that I'm reinstalling windows and won't be online from about 10PM-2AM, and that the reason being...

I'm GOING to install that damn CD Burner, if it's the last fucking thing that I DO! ;�~

Wish me luck. -.-

Sparky the lil' blue Unicorn