January 20th, 2003

Teh Sex!

Ohhhh wooooooooouldn't it be lov-a-lee?!


Why do I have that song STUCK in my head?? Gah. >.<;;

Somebody get it out, quick, QUIIIICK! I can't stand Eliza Doolittle's annoying accent!!! >.<;;

I haven't seen that movie in YEARS. It used to come on the Disney channel a lot when I was little--or at least I THINK it was the disney channel. Could it be that my Mom and Grandmother were fooling me and it was another channel that was showing My Fair Lady, hmmmmmmmm?

Nah, I don't think so. ;)

Today I had MAJOR e-mail issues, so if I haven't responded to your comments yet, I WILL, I'm just rather swamped with other things right now.

God, bellsouth was SOOOO fucked today. The mailserver was down for about 3� hours and I was trying to e-mail something vitally important (figures, doesn't it?) and that got delayed. >.<;; Not to mention, it wasn't even MY e-mail, it was something for my Mom. And for a long while she thought it was something I'D done to the thing the comp to make it do that!

Not to mention the reboot attempts... gaaah! Error messages, error messages... ERROR MESSAGES!!!!!!!!! >.<;;

This comp has given me HELL today, so ;p~ to it.



I'll find it in a minute.

I have to read more about those damn pilgrims and the rest of chapter 2 in American Govt. tonight. Wouldn't hurt me to read 1 and 2 again, seeing as how it's been at least a week since I've read them, but you know what? I'll refresh the night before the midterm. So there. ;p~

My doggy was sick last night. :( For a pretty good long while there I thought it might be stomach torsion, I was like, "Oh hell NO!" (FYI: Stomach Torsion is a condition in which the stomach rotates as much as 180 degrees, it usually happens to extremely big dogs who've played hard or ran a lot after a very big meal.) She did have a few of the symptoms, but I think that it was more of an upset tummy than anything. I do believe she's gotten whatever it is out of her, however, and she seems to be doing better tonight. (Lots better than she was doing last night, at least)

Besides, my dog couldn't have stomach torsion anyway, she's too little. But, this is where Sparky the fussy dogmom comes in and automatically assumes the worst and fusses and worries and cries until her baby is better.

Which she is, fortunately.

But, just in case, you of the religious persuasion keep her in yer prayers, okay? And... if you're not religious, just think extremely happy thoughts or something... I dunno, but I think after the night she had last night, something positive would be appreciated. Thanks. ^_^ She'd jump on you and lick your face if she could. :)

Don't mind me, like I said, Sparky the fussy dogmom, right here.

I think I might open kazaa... yesyes...

I've got pictures I could upload... hmmm... but not right now. I'll cya'll later. :D

Sparky the lil' blue Unicorn
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