January 2nd, 2003

Teh Sex!


I used to hate Scrubs. I'm still not fond of it--but ever since the blonde girl and the lead guy (I don't know their names) became fuck-buddies, it's suddenly became interesting. ;D

And DAMMIT THEY'RE NOT ANYMORE... >.< So nevermind, this show still sucks ass!

Oh well, Will & Grace is on in a few minutes anyway. ;�~

Today, I got a little eyeglass repair kit. It's SO cool! ;D It has itty bitty screwdrivers, which will come in handy for all that stuff I have that has ickle tiny screws that I need to change the batteries of! ;�~

I wanna get my bookbag organized... I guess that's a healthy urge. Or maybe it's just cuz it's the fact that it's NEW and I wanna play with it. >;} I like playing with my new toys. ;D

Dear God that sounded suggestive.

Anyhoo, I think I'ma go awhile... and contemplate shit. Cya! ^_^

Sparky the lil' blue Unicorn