So long, fare well...

I’ve always loved the idea of a public LJ. Where I could go and tell people about my life and what I do, and how I feel, and have people respond in-kind or point out a difference in opinion that I may not have seen before. I love that, whenever I write, I write for an audience, I genuinely love telling you guys about my life, even though it may be boring, or stupid, or miserable, I like being able to talk to people, and knowing that many people are there for me, whatever my life is like.

But lately, it’s lost all its luster for me.

I’m closing my LJ for good. By closing, I don’t mean that I will be leaving, however I will be friends-locking this journal. If you want to be on my flist, you will have to e-mail me and ask. I don’t add people I don’t know. (My e-mail is on the user-info page.) All of my entries will eventually be made private. Three and a half years is a very long time, but it can be done, and it will be.

I’m also closing off all comments to this entry. I don’t want anyone trying to persuade me to keep it public, because my mind is made up. I’ve actually been contemplating this for awhile now, I just haven’t said anything to anyone. I wish I could keep it public, but I genuinely feel that if I do, it will just be more trouble than its worth.

And you know, I’m tired of trouble. I’m tired of it. I’ve had more trouble this year alone than I’ve probably had in my entire life. Ya’ll only knew about ¼ of it because what I don’t want known, I don’t put down. I’m not about to put up with anymore trouble simply because of an online journal, because I don’t have to.

That’s right, I don’t have to. My Grandad was right: “The only thing you have to do in life is die, the rest is choices.” (Direct quote.)

So this is my choice.

If you want to be on the subsequent filters I have set-up, you will e-mail me. (Like I said, my address is in the user-info.) If not, then I’ve had a good three years. Hope you have too.

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Teh Sex!


Okay, Oscar de la Hoya just told of the weirdest way to check a baby's diaper. O_o;; Sticking your finger in and...


The only way I've seen it done is by taking the diaper OFF first. Geeze! WTFman?! I'm grossed out.

Also, the toyota FJ Cruiser is a really ugly car. Google it and you'll see why.

[edited to add]: Fruit on the bottom yogurt is weird. o_O

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Thanks everybody.

In all honesty, I'm not devastated over someone deleting me off their friends list. I just didn't like their reason for doing it, is all. It's more like when somoene flips you off for no reason in the middle of the highway. You can't really do anything about it, but it pisses you off all the same. You sit there and think, "Oh YEAH? Well screw you too, fucker!"

But, I'm over it. I refuse to think about it anymore.

In other news... My evil Aunt's car went Ka-boom and my Mom had to go pick her up in the middle of Graysville today. -_-; None of you will know where that is, but when my Mom got there she was practically standing in the way of oncoming traffic. WONDERFUL! -_- Oh well. She's safe and sound and I don't know how much it'll cost to get her car fixed, in fact I didn't ask. But I do know they had to get it towed. -_-


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I also have pizza hut cheese sticks, but I won't be taking pics of them because that would just be cruel.

Yummy. XD

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Pissed off! by Kyri!


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Did a few friends list cleaning myself.

Don't worry, the majority of you are still here. But the person who deleted me can fuck off, I never did anything to you. Sorry if I wasn't a fun person and "bogged you down", I thought you were okay with me, but I see you weren't. What the FUCK ever. I don't fucking care. I was okay with you and enjoyed having you on my friends list, sorry I couldn't do you the same favor.

Mainly, I've deleted those people who never added me back, which was all of two people. I saw no point in having them on my friends list if they were never going to add me back. So whatever. It's not like I was that close to them anyway, I just watched them post on a couple of message boards and thought they were cool, is all.

The person who deleted me shouldn't surprise me at all. She deleted another person whom I thought she was "okay" with as well. Just pisses me off is all. Oh well, I'll be over it later.


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Teh Sex!

Unneeded Windows Reinstallation-fest '03!!!!!!!!

That's right, tonight at 10PM I will be reinstalling Windows.

I will also be studying while I do so so I actually have something to DO whilst my files go "flipflipflip!" across the screen. u_u

Keep in mind, this will be a non-destructive reinstallation so any files I might have will not be lost.

But since I DO have a story that I planned to get published on my HD, I will be backing that up along with a few other stories that I've worked exceedingly hard on over the past year.

*glares at the TV* I abso-fucking-lutely HATE Chris Elliot!!!!!!! He is not entertaining, he's goofy and stupid and I don't see how he EVER got into showbusiness.

Yeah, I'm mean.

Anyway, just a public service announcement to let ya'll know that I'm reinstalling windows and won't be online from about 10PM-2AM, and that the reason being...

I'm GOING to install that damn CD Burner, if it's the last fucking thing that I DO! ;�~

Wish me luck. -.-

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Teh Sex!

Ohhhh wooooooooouldn't it be lov-a-lee?!


Why do I have that song STUCK in my head?? Gah. >.<;;

Somebody get it out, quick, QUIIIICK! I can't stand Eliza Doolittle's annoying accent!!! >.<;;

I haven't seen that movie in YEARS. It used to come on the Disney channel a lot when I was little--or at least I THINK it was the disney channel. Could it be that my Mom and Grandmother were fooling me and it was another channel that was showing My Fair Lady, hmmmmmmmm?

Nah, I don't think so. ;)

Today I had MAJOR e-mail issues, so if I haven't responded to your comments yet, I WILL, I'm just rather swamped with other things right now.

God, bellsouth was SOOOO fucked today. The mailserver was down for about 3� hours and I was trying to e-mail something vitally important (figures, doesn't it?) and that got delayed. >.<;; Not to mention, it wasn't even MY e-mail, it was something for my Mom. And for a long while she thought it was something I'D done to the thing the comp to make it do that!

Not to mention the reboot attempts... gaaah! Error messages, error messages... ERROR MESSAGES!!!!!!!!! >.<;;

This comp has given me HELL today, so ;p~ to it.



I'll find it in a minute.

I have to read more about those damn pilgrims and the rest of chapter 2 in American Govt. tonight. Wouldn't hurt me to read 1 and 2 again, seeing as how it's been at least a week since I've read them, but you know what? I'll refresh the night before the midterm. So there. ;p~

My doggy was sick last night. :( For a pretty good long while there I thought it might be stomach torsion, I was like, "Oh hell NO!" (FYI: Stomach Torsion is a condition in which the stomach rotates as much as 180 degrees, it usually happens to extremely big dogs who've played hard or ran a lot after a very big meal.) She did have a few of the symptoms, but I think that it was more of an upset tummy than anything. I do believe she's gotten whatever it is out of her, however, and she seems to be doing better tonight. (Lots better than she was doing last night, at least)

Besides, my dog couldn't have stomach torsion anyway, she's too little. But, this is where Sparky the fussy dogmom comes in and automatically assumes the worst and fusses and worries and cries until her baby is better.

Which she is, fortunately.

But, just in case, you of the religious persuasion keep her in yer prayers, okay? And... if you're not religious, just think extremely happy thoughts or something... I dunno, but I think after the night she had last night, something positive would be appreciated. Thanks. ^_^ She'd jump on you and lick your face if she could. :)

Don't mind me, like I said, Sparky the fussy dogmom, right here.

I think I might open kazaa... yesyes...

I've got pictures I could upload... hmmm... but not right now. I'll cya'll later. :D

Sparky the lil' blue Unicorn
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Teh Sex!

Marriage Proposal from a spammer?! O_O;

I got a spam mail from "Helga" that says, "Will You Marry Me?"

*shudder* O_O;

I'm scared now. ;_;

Today I did a little bit of getting ready for school. I wrote down the room numbers for my schedule and stuff I HOPE I can find my first two rooms, cuz I haven't been in that building a lot. I've taken two courses in the education building, and it's massive and sprawling and has many many corridors. x_x;;

Oh well, at least it's at 10AM in the morning when I'm awake and not at 8AM like the last course I took in that building was.

Wish me luck guys, I'm really nervous about this. :(


I'ma take the Collapse )

Oh BTW, remember that pony I was gonna customize and I was asking about repainting her eyes? I did it! I did it with gel pen however... where she once had piink eyes, she now has liiiiight blue. ;) It's purdy.

I haven't gotten her hair donor yet... but that's alright. :D I hope to get her by Monday tho. And watch me not have enough time to rehair her until spring break. >;p~~~~~~

Oh and guys?



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Teh Sex!


I used to hate Scrubs. I'm still not fond of it--but ever since the blonde girl and the lead guy (I don't know their names) became fuck-buddies, it's suddenly became interesting. ;D

And DAMMIT THEY'RE NOT ANYMORE... >.< So nevermind, this show still sucks ass!

Oh well, Will & Grace is on in a few minutes anyway. ;�~

Today, I got a little eyeglass repair kit. It's SO cool! ;D It has itty bitty screwdrivers, which will come in handy for all that stuff I have that has ickle tiny screws that I need to change the batteries of! ;�~

I wanna get my bookbag organized... I guess that's a healthy urge. Or maybe it's just cuz it's the fact that it's NEW and I wanna play with it. >;} I like playing with my new toys. ;D

Dear God that sounded suggestive.

Anyhoo, I think I'ma go awhile... and contemplate shit. Cya! ^_^

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Teh Sex!

>.< Whomever has sicced the AIM spammers on me needs to die! >.< Along with the christmas report! ^_~

Here's a little snippet from the fuck who IM'd me. >.<

AIMSpammerI'm really lonely and hope you'll come.
I know what Boys Want... Click Here to Get it
Me: >.< Will you and all your 'hot sexy' friends GO TO HELL already?! I'M NOT INTERESTED, GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stupid fucking weirdos. >.<

Anyway, sorry for the non-update last night. Things were crazy from 2:30 yesterday until midnight. o_O; Ah, the holidays. God it's hard to believe Christmas is over. O_O

So first off, I got a new phone that doubles as a mouse. And yes, I have pictures!

It's COOL. It's the first speaker phone I've had that's EVER worked. (God knows the one on the fax machine doesn't. -.-) And no, I don't press buttons (other than the correct ones! ;) when I use it. Also, that thing on the mousepad is a calculator. So woohoo! ;)

In other news, I got:

TWO OF THE NEW CAREBEARS! :D Cheer and Grumpy! :D The two that I wanted most when I was little. :D

A sweater. ^_^ It's PURDY... it's white with a fur collar. XD

A new christmas ornament! ^_~

A tracphone card fer mah ghetto-ass phone. ;) It has 60 minutes. I don't have to worry about running out until after Valentine's Day. I really needed it. Seeing as school starts back Jan. 6th. ;�~

2 CDs! ^______^ Shania Twain's "Up" and Mariah Carey's "Charmbracelet".

A big-ass Tommy Girl gift set. o_O; Including the gym-bag thing. The thing comes in a big red box, it's so big I'm kinda scared of it. ;) It's NICE though, so I like it. ;D

A new bookbag w/ wheels--GOD how I needed one! I broke the zipper on my other one. ^_^;;

The 100th Anniversary Teddy. ^______^ He's so CUTE. ;)

3 other bears that came in a gift set that I have yet to open. I think it's Mama, Papa, and Baby Bear. :D And they all have sweaters. :D

A Teddy Bear QUILT!!! I have never seen anything like this... O_O

Collapse )

A fiber-optic SNOWMAN!!! :D

And cash! ;D

No pony stocking stuffers, but that's fine with me, cuz I can get plenty of what I want on the 'net. ^_~

Dear God... there's one song on the Mariah Carey CD that was mal-recorded... it sounds like her voice has been sped up and she's one of the freakin' chipmunks!!!!!!! *dies laughing* ;)

And FYI, the track is: "You Got Me". ;) Just in case anyone, out of masochistically painful curiosity wants to hear it. ;)

And yes kiddies, I'm getting the cards sent out THIS WEEK! So don't look at me like that, k? I gotta rest from Christmas. x_x

Anyway... that's it from me tonight... cya. :D

P.S. I got a PDA for $6 bucks today! Even if it IS ghetto and I can only enter phone numbers on it. God bless after christmas markdowns. ;)

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